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Create a Master Chores and Master Rewards List Empty Create a Master Chores and Master Rewards List

Post  mchugh2001 on Tue Jan 31, 2012 11:15 am

For the parent, it'd be great to be able to view all available chores and all available rewards (for the entire household, or filter by user) as well as how close each kid is to achieving them... rather than going into each user first to see how they are doing. As I am going through the startup phases, I'm not sure if I set the thresholds to high or too low, and I'm not certain whether both kids have the same chores / rewards (which is my intent for 90% of the chores and 70% of the rewards). Essentially, there should be "master chores" and "individual chores" as well as "master rewards" and "individual rewards". For the master chores, for example, I want to be able to assign to multiple kids from a single-view dashboard, and this will also ensure that the stars / $ earned are the same for each kid. Also, in that same view, I would be able to see who's leading the race towards earning a sleepover:)


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