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Multiple reward selections Empty Multiple reward selections

Post  Sdjessop on Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:40 pm

I would really like to assign both a dollar amount reward and a time reward for some of the choices and keep them in separate banks but it won't let me do this. I see the ability to drop into separate banks but not split types of amounts. The stars are not converting to time correctly for us to use stars on both banks.


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Multiple reward selections Empty I need multiple reward selections also

Post  Nicolepaulklee on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:46 am

There are several things my son gets double rewards for. For example, we give monetary and non monetary rewards for grades. If my 7 yr old gets all A's on his report card we give $25 and he is allowed to have a sleepover. I had to do a chore titled +sleepover/special so I could give him the stars for redeeming a sleepover as the report card chore is set to give money and wont do both. I set sleepover as a reward that cost 50 stars but I would love to be able to give money AND stars, time, or special reward at the same time instead doing a separate transaction for the second part of the reward.

They could make it where you could select one type of reward (money that can still be split between accounts) and add another type of reward (stars or time)or choose from the rewards you already have set up like sleep over, ice cream, trip to Fun Factory. Then in the rewards status it would still show the amount needed to get the reward but have a credit also. Example: Sleepover (full colored status bar) *50/1. So he knows he has already earned one sleepover and can redeem it without pulling from his star bank.

For every day he does good in class he gets a star. If he goes all week without incident he gets to stop by the convenient store for a special snack,candy, or toy. I wish I could set it up for daily stars, then if he gets 100%, he gets to go to the store after school. I know that would combine "all or nothing" and single completion but never hurts to hope, right. I would pay for these upgrades. We've only been using it a week and I absolutely love it!


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